Friday, January 6

a bigger picture

I must admit that I'm really enjoying reading through the Bible with my children. We have been listening to a wonderful audio version that really brings to life the rich words of the scriptures. As I listen, I'm able to close my eyes and visualize the scenes as they are so eloquently portrayed. This allows me to become absorbed in the Word and glean many new insights. It's like I'm hearing certain passages for the first time.

While I love to journal my insights, I'm taking a more laid back approach at this time. I'm simply enjoying the STORY of Love. I'm getting to see a bigger picture of God and His plan for the entire world.

Here is a wonderful clip that our church is sharing which helps explain a bit of why I'm moving so quickly through the Bible. There will always be bible studies and time to delve a bit deeper into certain passages. But right now I'm just taking it ALL in!

The Whole Sweep Of Scripture from The Work Of The People on Vimeo.

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