Tuesday, January 24

no chemo tomorrow!

After 2 chemo treatments, I have a week off! Yay!

So what have I done with all this extra time? I'm embarrassed to say that I FINALLY put our Christmas decorations away today. It was a task I had been dreading and used fatigue from chemo as my excuse. But now that my house is put back in order, I feel very relieved and definitely lighter.

The side effects from my second treatment seem to have gone much better than the first week. No hair loss yet, although my scalp has been very tender. We'll see how long those little hair follicles will stay put. I've been having daily headaches, some fatigue and everything tastes like metal (not that I know what metal tastes like)! Every once in awhile I feel dizzy, my eyesight gets splotchy and nausea seems to creep in with no rhyme or reason.

All in all, as far as chemo goes, I seem to be faring better than my previous chemo drugs. I'm excited to not have to have chemo tomorrow. My schedule is on a 21 day cycle. I have a treatment on Day 1 and Day 8, no treatment on Day 15, but then it starts over again on Day 22 (which becomes Day 1 of Round 2). I'll either have to complete 2 or 3 full Rounds (4 or 6 treatments) before I'll have another PET scan.

My head feels like it's going to explode, so I'm out for now....

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