Wednesday, January 4

no insurance = no treatments


I was all set to receive my regular AND new treatments today, but alas....the big insurance company has other plans for my life.

We are officially on a new medical insurance plan (as of January 1st). Yet I haven't received my new insurance card yet. Somehow the three methods to receive our updated information have led to a dead end. We've had no luck with the insurance website, the company HR rep, nor the actual insurance company contact person. I'm really hoping and praying that everything will get worked out within the next week — for I am scheduled to receive all of my treatments on the 11th.

So what is my new treatment?

I will still receive zometa (bone strengthener) every month and beginning next week (hopefully), I will also start chemo. My doctor feels that chemo is the best next option for me. We need to get the cancer back to a stable position before we experiment with other options like estrogen. Evidently the estrogen (Estradiol) has about a 10-15% chance of being responsive, while the chemo (Halaven) has a 40-50% chance of working. I will receive this new chemo for two months and then have another PET scan to determine its effectiveness.

Some of the side effects I can expect with Halaven are typical chemo side effects: decreased blood counts, fatigue, nausea and hair loss. Just when my hair was becoming more manageable, I have to start over again. Oh, well. I knew this day would happen sooner or later.

While it's never a great time to be on chemo, I'd rather endure it over the slow months of January through April than over the summer months. I will be able to rest during the day while the kids are at school and hopefully have some energy to be available to them in the evenings.

I am just SO incredibly blessed to have had such a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Anniversary! There were no major health issues or hospitalizations to ruin my favorite holidays. 2012 is a new year, with new treatments and new hope!

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