Sunday, January 22

out of my hands

I have no idea how this came about, but Josiah has an unusual thing he does at the end of his prayers. After the "amen" is said, he opens up the palms of his hands and throws his hands upwards in a small, quick gesture. I never realized he did this until recently (because my eyes are usually closed!) When I asked him about it, he said that he's throwing his prayers up to God. I asked if he learned this somewhere or from someone, but he said no. I thought this was very sweet and cute, but I wanted to make sure that he knows God hears his prayers even before they leave the tip of his tongue. While he knows this, he still performs this simple little movement — not for anyone to notice...just something he does between himself and God.

The more I think on this, the more I love it.

Earlier this week, I found myself beginning to stress about something that could potentially change the coarse of many lives. Funny how I just "know" what the right answer/choice/direction should be...even before I submit it all in prayer — NOT! I found myself needing to remember that God wants to be involved in every single thing that burdens me, and even better: He wants to handle it BEFORE it becomes a burden. So I prayed about the situation. I prayed from my heart, even if my desires and hopes are selfish. Then I prayed from a surrendered heart: one that wants God's will above all. Did I feel 100% better? No. I still felt some anxiety over that which is beyond my control. So I pictured little Josiah throwing his 8-year old hands up to God to release his prayers. For me, I like this image of praying my prayers, then taking an active approach to trust God enough to collect my words/thoughts/plees, etc. and handle it all. It's a deeper way of letting go — not just with a single prayer of submission, but with a daily reminder that it's in God's hands now.

I still find every once in awhile that I'm tempted to think about this particular worry again. I can feel my heart start to beat a little faster and sense a heaviness start to fill my soul. It's then that I give myself a gentle reminder that this concern has already been thrown up to God...from my hands to His. I shouldn't snatch it back out of God's hands and dwell on it or fret about it.

It may be a very long time before I know how God will answer this prayer. Until then, I will turn my concerns into peace — knowing it's off of my shoulders and onto God's.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wisdom...I needed to be reminded not to snatch things back out of God's hands!

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! Your last two entries are so wonderful. Thank you!

Elizabeth Grant said...

Thank you! I love how much we can learn from children. They have such a pure and simple way of looking at things. And, oh the faith!