Monday, January 16

PET scan image

I finally got my hands on one of my PET scan images. I vaguely remember viewing my first PET scan back in May of 2010 (before any of my treatments). If I remember correctly, it appeared worse that my latest scan below (taken December 23, 2011).

This image shows the cancer spots/tumors in black. Now, don't freak out about my brain. It shows up black as well, but I'm happy to say that my brain is quite healthy! Tee Hee!!

A scan is never taken of the entire body for some reason; just from the base of my skull down to the upper thighs.

Now you'll notice some spots that are various shades of grey. The cancer is present in those areas, but it's the level of activity that makes the difference in how dark the spots appear on the scan. For example, I know that I have cancer in most, if not all of my ribs and vertebrae, too, but I'm guessing the activity is low enough that dark spots aren't showing up on the scan — which is great news!

I'm so glad to finally have an image to help me better know what's going on inside these bones of mine. No wonder my shoulders and right hip give me trouble. And I guess I have just cause when I complain about my lower back. Yikes!

Wow. I'm especially motivated to pray for these specific areas. Wouldn't it be great to compare this scan with a future one and see a dramatic reduction?!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to read all of your new posts. I'm sorry you got stuck in the snow and your husband is out of town. How frustrating, but you made me LOL with your cancer ridden bones comment. I love how you find joy, humor through your journey which is a Godly example not only for "sick" people but also healthy people. It seems at every turn God is right there guiding your path and providing exactly what you need. Thanks for your encouragement and testimony. I will be specifically praying over all these spots too as well as your chemo. I would too LOVE to see fewer spots really soon.

Elizabeth Grant said...

Thanks JJ! Sometimes I feel more light-hearted and humorous than other times, but I suppose that goes with the ups and downs of life. Life is HARD and we're all such a work in progress. And thank you SO much for praying. That is the best gift anyone can give!!

Rhesa Phillips said...

I just happened across your message and was so blessed. I too have some things going on and are looking to God for healing. Having a favorable attitude and trusting in Jesus Christ, and friends and family prayers are so key.....
God Bless you and you will be in my prayers.

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Richard C. Lambert said...

I finally got my hands on one of my PET scan images. I vaguely remember viewing my first PET scan back in May of 2010 pet grooming

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