Friday, January 13

what a day

We've been experiencing some extraordinary winter weather here in the midwest. I'm talking: opening-up-the-windows-in-the-house-while-the-Christmas-tree-is-still-up-and-turning-on-the-air-in-the-car weather! That is....up until yesterday. It pretty much snowed non-stop all day yesterday and well into the night.

Normally I would smile and sigh and enjoy the beauty, but the "scrooge" in me has been awakened! Perhaps it's because Dale is enjoying California weather as I speak, and (lucky me), I get to go outside in frigid temperatures to scrape the car windows. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person?

Yesterday wasn't quite so bad — as there really is something very lovely about lightly drifting flakes, when the ice hasn't set in yet.

Now today was a whole different ballgame. First of all, chemo seems to be doing a number on me today. I don't feel well, and just want to stay under my covers all snuggly and warm. I'm thinking, "Oh, Dale. If you were only here!!" :-)

Getting the kids to school on bad roads always stresses me out. Once again I'm thinking, "Oh, Dale. If I only had your 4-wheel drive right about now!"

Then after a slow, but successful drive to the school, I have to creep my way up north of town to pick up Marielle's repaired violin. I'm gripping the steering wheel and not caring about the cars that are passing me (going 25mph). Whew. I'm almost there. WAIT! I get STUCK! That's right. I'm making a right turn, up a hill on a side road that has lovely snow drifts from the plow truck. I'm thinking, "Great. I can't even call Dale to get me out of this mess!" So here I am....hauling my nauseous little cancer-infected body out of the car to dig/shovel/scrape all around my tires.

But there are three redeeming parts to this day:

1. A construction worker (I'm calling him an Angel Unaware) just happened to be walking right by my car and offered to help push my car loose. It worked!! Once my heart returned to a normal beating pattern I was able to thank him profusely and praise God for watching out for me.

2. All of the stress and tension of the morning is soon to become a thing of the past as I plan to fully relax for my monthly therapeutic massage here soon. Ahhh....such perfect timing.

3. And last but not least: Dale is coming home tonight! I'm sorry I sometimes take him for granted. He'll be happy to know he was missed in more ways than one.


Jillian Storm said...

I'm glad that someone showed up to help you with the stuck car! God does watch out for us.

You and Dale (& the kids) are so cute together. :) thanks for sharing your stories, Elizabeth! and I miss your family!

love from Texas (where there is no snow)

Elizabeth Grant said...

I know! I couldn't believe that a huge worker just happened by (on Pioneer Parkway, no less) and was able to push my car up the snowy hill! What are the chances?

By the way, we're hoping/planning to drive down to the Austin area over Spring Break, to spend a couple of days with my sister and her family. We HAVE to see you again!!

Jillian Storm said...

Grant family in/around Austin? Yes, please. Let me know when you're here!! :D